MUFIX Stands for Menufia University Faculty of Information and Computers’ Students (MUFICS) which pronounced MUFIX.

MUFIX Community Mission

MUFIX Community mission is to provide suitable programs for MUFIC's Students to help them building themselves to compete regionally and internationally, and to spread the Job Market Needs and the concept of Long Life Learning between them.

MUFIX Community Vision

MUFIX Community aims to complete the educational role by providing unique opportunities for students to use their potentials and help the educational society

MUFIX Activities

- Technical and business Sessions. - Provide students with any external tutorials. - Web groups for helping students. - Helping team members and students how to work in a team. - Free invitations for world companies events in Egypt. Summer trainings which ensure for trainers to learn the latest technologies at them training track. Gifts at session to excite students.

Our skills

Provide suitable programs for MUFIC's Students to help them building themselves to compete regionally and internationally


Web Design

Web Development



Goals of sessions adding up to the knowledge of the faculty’s students and better prepare them for the job market after graduation. We aim to achieve those goals by holding weekly sessions throughout the academic year.

Our Team

A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.


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Oct 2
Oct 2

Office In The Cloud: Why Employees Adopt Cloud Apps

Cloud computing is by no means a new trend anymore, but it has continued to be a hot topic in the IT sector. The adoption of cloud applications is happening faster than ever, and it is largely being driven by employees’ personal experiences with this technology. But what are the main reasons behind their decision […]

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Oct 3
Oct 3

Little-Known Facts About Computer Forsensics And Cyber Crimes

After the Second World War, slowly but inevitably, computers became databases of human activity, and a fertile ground for cyber crimes. This trend accelerated with the development of personal computers, the Internet, as well as with the convergence of computing, telecommunications and multimedia. Today’s world of networked digital devices provides opportunities and challenges, both for […]

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Oct 2
Oct 2

The Difference Between C# And XAML Programming Languages

C# – Object-Oriented .NET Language C# is Microsoft’s object-oriented programming language designed for the .NET platform. It compiles into .NET execution code (the result of the compilation is IL or Intermediate language). C# is based on the .NET platform, so it has access to all .NET libraries. It enables native referencing of the Windows API […]

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Oct 3
Oct 3

7 programming languages on the rise

In the world of enterprise programming, the mainstream is broad and deep. Code is written predominantly in one of a few major languages. For some shops, this means Java; for others, it’s C# or PHP. Sometimes, enterprise coders will dabble in C++ or another common language used for high-performance tasks such as game programming, all […]

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